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Why Give?

Every dollar you give to Health Sciences North Foundation goes to help the more than 530,000 men, women and children in northeastern Ontario who rely on the Hospital for their care every year. Your gift helps change and save lives in northern Ontario.

By donating to Health Sciences North Foundation, you are supporting excellence in patient care, the education of tomorrow’s doctors, research on health issues that are prevalent in the North and much, much more.

You can designate your donation to a specific area or department, or you can help fund the highest priority needs of Health Sciences North (HSN).

If you would like to volunteer with Health Sciences North Foundation, please complete this application form and return it to Health Sciences North Foundation. Our success relies on the support of volunteers! 

Our Priorities

Health Sciences North Needs New MRI Equipment

Every year, approximately 13,000 magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests are performed at Health Sciences North (HSN) to support the treatment of 600,000 residents in Northeastern Ontario. The average wait time for an MRI scan at HSN is 66 days, which is over three times higher than the provincial target of 28 days.

Currently, the single MRI at HSN that operates 24/7 is nearing its 10-year lifespan and needs replacing. In addition to replacing this existing MRI, there is a need for a second MRI.

It will also:

  • provide enhanced patient-centred care by significantly shortening wait times
  • operate more accessible hours
  • provide a backup unit in the event of equipment failure
  • reduce travel burden and costs for patients
  • improve diagnosis and treatment
  • repatriate cardiac care closer to home

As a regional leader and the only acute teaching facility in the Northeast, it is vital that HSN be equipped to provide sufficient Medical Imaging capacity to support its unique and specialty services role, including Thoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Cardiology and Oncology.

How you can help

Your support is critical in our ability to purchase new MRIs for better patient care. Your donation will help purchase new MRI equipment needed at HSN to ensure that patients have access to advanced medical equipment to diagnosis disease or injury, and monitor how well patients are doing with treatments.


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Health Sciences North Research Institute (HSNRI)

Health Sciences North Foundation is proud to support the Health Sciences North Research Institute, HSN's research organization. Through its research, HSNRI is committed to meeting the needs of patients and their hopes for earlier detection, prevention and more effective treatments and cures for significant health conditions affecting patients and their families in the northern Ontario.


By supporting research today, you can save a life tomorrow.

Equipment & Technology

Up-to-date equipment is vital to offering excellent patient care. Unfortunately, government funding alone can't meet all of HSN's equipment needs. But with the help of friends like you, we can purchase essential equipment and continue to provide you and your loved ones with the best health care services possible – right here in the North.