Donor Story: Craig Fielding and Katriina Ruotsalo

Craig Fielding and Katriina Ruotsalo Donate $1M to Support HSN’s Urgent Needs

SUDBURY, ON – A couple from Whitefish is donating $1-million to help buy life-saving equipment and provide support that will help Health Sciences North treat COVID-19 patients and beyond.

The donation to the Health Sciences North Foundation is being made by Craig Fielding and Katriina Ruotsalo. Their generosity will help buy a new ECMO Machine (Portable Heart-Lung Support System) that provides critical respiratory care for some of the most acute patients in HSN’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU). In patients with severe pneumonia and the flu, this machine is used to pump blood around a patient’s body until their own heart and lungs are strong enough.

“Katriina and I are proud to make an impact on the health care of northerners, and support front-line workers, especially during this pandemic,” says Craig Fielding. “We hope we can play a role

in ensuring patients get the care they need close to home during challenging times and hopefully inspire others who are able to consider supporting our outstanding hospital.”

As well, three anesthetic machines will be purchased to support the 10,000 large surgical cases a year performed at HSN – including cardiac, neuro, vascular, joints and cancer. A new
heart-lung machine that performs the work of the heart and lungs in patients recovering from open heart surgery, as well as a new mask fit testing machine, will also be purchased.

“This gift will have an immediate impact on how health care is provided in Northeastern Ontario,” says Anthony Keating, President and Chief Development Officer, Foundations and
Volunteer Groups at HSN. “It will also have long lasting benefits for our patients and the entire region. We’re all so grateful for this gift to our communities.”

In order for the hospital to be ready for a surge in COVID-19 patients, HSN has had to invest in the expansion of the Emergency Department, the Intensive Care Unit, and move patients who
don’t need acute care. Funds from this donation will help cover the additional supplies, equipment and staffing costs that HSN has incurred because of this work.

”The community is really stepping up to the plate,” says Dominic Giroux, President and CEO of HSN. “Craig and Katriina’s generosity is a great example of how philanthropy has a direct and
immediate impact on our patients. This donation is also a big morale booster for our staff. I can’t thank Craig and Katriina enough.”

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