Meet Lynne and Zoey

Lynne, 77, and his five-year-old granddaughter, Zoey, know all too well the importance of having timely access to the latest in medical equipment close to home when dealing with an illness. Both rely on having regular MRI scans done so that their individual health condition can be monitored by their medical team at HSN.

Lynne goes for an MRI every six months at HSN to monitor the growth of a tumour in his pancreas – having the last one on the new 3 Tesla MRI model. “The difference in experience between the older MRI and the new one is remarkable,” said Lynne. “My appointments on the new MRI have been during reasonable hours throughout the day. It’s less noisy than the older one, more comfortable and spacious to be in, and it takes less time for my scans to be done. I also appreciate the speakers in there to connect me with the MRI staff while I’m having my scan; which provides me with peace of mind.” Lynne also adds that getting in and out of the new MRI is easier, which is an added benefit for seniors who may have mobility difficulties.

Zoey was three and a half years old when she was diagnosed with a rare condition called Chiari Malformation Type 1 after having her first MRI. The condition occurs when part of the skull is misshapen or smaller than is typical, pressing on the brain. Some symptoms include headaches, neck pain, and unsteady balance. Fortunately, Zoey has not had any serious symptoms, but has to be followed with annual MRIs during her normal growth or when symptoms may appear.

“Our family feels very fortunate to have a wonderful team at HSN and Sick Kids caring for Zoey,” said her mom. “We are thrilled that our community has this new MRI, which means that Zoey can now stay in Sudbury to have her scans done while being linked with a specialist at Sick Kids in real-time.” This ability allows the specialist to request additional images if needed, while Zoey is in the MRI, which adds to the efficiency of great care close to home.

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