Staff Story: Dr. Grama Ravi

Dr. Ravi has been a cardiologist in Sudbury for the past 16 years. He received his medical degree in India, studied Internal Medicine in New York, Cardiology in Saskatoon and Angioplasty at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto before coming to Sudbury. Although he has had the opportunity to leave the North, he has chosen to stay in Sudbury.

HSN’s cardiac care program is recognized as one of the best in Canada. Patients who arrive in our Emergency Room have quick access to care they need and are able to see specialists in a timely manner. According to Dr. Ravi, one of the most fulfilling things about his job is the gratification he receives when he treats sick people. Dr. Ravi feels very privileged that he is in a position to help patients feel better.

Dr. Ravi has made Sudbury his home and enjoys reading and travelling.

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