Cardiac Care Month

What is Cardiac Care Month?

Cardiac Care Month is an opportunity to raise important funds for cardiac care and research at Health Sciences North and Health Sciences North Research Institute, while simultaneously raising awareness and sharing the excellence in cardiac care in our community.

Why is fundraising for cardiac care so important?

Residents of Northern Ontario are at higher risk of heart disease.

Through investing in research and equipment purchases, our staff can better serve the unique needs of the population across our region. Fundraising efforts can also help increase public awareness of the importance of heart health and encourage individuals to take steps to maintain a healthy heart.

Our current equipment needs

This year, Cardiac Care Month hopes to fund the purchase of two new Cardiovascular Ultrasound Systems (ECHO). This state-of-the-art equipment will help us diagnose, plan treatments, monitor and provide follow-up to cardiac patients across all areas of Health Sciences North, including pediatric and cancer patients.

Last year, approximately 10,000 adult, pediatric, and oncology patients have relied on ECHOs at HSN for timely diagnoses and to assist with treatment plans. HSN’s current ECHOs are approaching their lifetime and need to be replaced to ensure patients continue to receive life-saving cardiac diagnostics. If these pieces of equipment are not replaced, patients will need to travel elsewhere for diagnostic care and can cause potential delays in their treatment plans.

Your support matters

Ethan received a heart echocardiography (ECHO)  at Health Sciences North, performed using a cardiovascular ultrasound system. The ECHO revealed he had endocarditis, inflammation of the inner lining in his heart, with a mass on his mitral valve.

Now 22-years-old, Ethan is healthy and in his fourth year at Guelph University studying engineering systems and computing. He has regular cardiology appointments and his valve has healed completely.

Read his story below.

Featured Story Patient Story: Ethan

Your support matters

Health Sciences North sees an average 27,000 cardiac visits annually.

Over 3,000 of those patients have travelled from outside of Sudbury to receive cardiac care in the last year. 

In 2023, we had more than 500 patients undergo valve or coronary artery bypass graft open heart surgery.

Your support matters.

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